About Us

Back in 1996, a Sialkot based company named as “Decent Martial Arts” established to provide its manufactured items in Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) especially experienced in field.


Mr.Shahzad Ahmad enforced his skills and hard work to upgrade ancestor’s business an advanced level by exporting their manufactured items worldwide. They expand its productivity that truly meets the demands of the modern world also international sports standards. Decent sportswear items gained a recognizable worth due to its quality stuff.

Decent Martial Arts website is accessing its customers to use digital resources that allow them to place orders from anywhere in the world. The company leading the worldwide growth in martial arts equipment and some of the best iconic arts gear. Innovative product line within the martial arts industry helped them a lot to earn the trust by all types of buyers that is the set goal to serve the sports in a very competitive price. 

Decent Martial Arts employs experienced and professional leaders who are passionate enough to put the same pride and commitment to create and produce quality items as you feel pride in wearing them. 

Martial Arts to BJJ Gi’s

We are destined to be specialized in the production of BJJ Gi’s, No Gi’s, martial arts gear, equipment, and accessories to improve quality of life by establishing healthy beneficial relations by using our items. Our mission is to have qualified buyers and suppliers around us worldwide by providing quality products as we are doing since long.

Most of the items either Thai pads, training bags or headgear are tested to check the quality before it goes into the market that ensures our products approval as “Approved Martial Artist items”.

Our Services

To begin the martial arts journey, we also encourage the wholesale dealers, importers & retailers and distributors to expand our circle by offering our honorable services.

Time by time, we develop our team and products to cultivate the innovative sense among the sports players that help us to stay on the cutting edge in the industry of martial arts gear. Every person at decent art have a careful eye and passion to check every detail of our single item to deliver the highest quality combat sports items that can attract more people worldwide also can uphold the values of BJJ community to have a market, so people can rely to find the best selection of shorts, rash guards, clothing, training gear to gis. These high-quality products built to last and proven to experience the best results by customers who strive to withstand in the athletic battlefield. 


Dedication to Development in Product Range

Our tireless dedication of continuous development in our item range add innovation also includes the performance margin to lifestyle gear that gives an athlete a strong companion during practice or fight. 


All of our products having important features that are striving to protect your skin as rash guards help against scrapes and burns and evaporate the body sweat quickly that results to keep your body warm and supple muscles. Compression material in our products acts to provide your skin support like a second skin during grappling against the fighter.

We are passionate to serve the “Art & Artist” as we know the worth of martial arts that how it changes the lives of artists also strong us to our commitment to the martial arts. 

One Stop Shop, MMA 

Decent martial arts is a one-stop shop for all kinds of martial arts accessories and gears for Boxing, KickBoxing, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Martial arts, Grappling, Vale Tudo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Leather jackets, leather fashion product, leather bags, handbags, purses, and a lot of other standard items in fashion leather and much more that is being in demands of modern worlds. 

We challenge to provide every needed item whether in boxing, Sports Karate weapons, kickboxing gloves, uniform or gi for BJJ to adopt the universal standards rules or you need to carry the interesting style in sports. Self-defense wearing gear, martial arts uniforms, gloves, belts and shoe variety to tactical protection items, all items served with equal quality and huge selection in sparring equipment at our factory.

Customized Order/ Bulk 

Moreover, we fulfill customized orders to meet personal choices and artists demands. We remain constant to 100% satisfaction guarantee either order would be in bulk or in a single piece that always comes up with fun, practical, unique as well as useful products to get the world’s best martial arts experience.

We have the wide capacity to serve timely to huge demands either you are an instructor, student, an enthusiast for learning the martial arts or as a school owner who needs to customize a school’s logo dress for kids team. We proudly stand behind your every choice or demands yet in very competitive prices and complemented quality.

Design to Display

Custom products to our customers having a large collection including T-shirts, gym dress, fitness dress, sparring gear, men to women printed or embroidered designs for shirts, backpacks to display cases, bags and much more whatever you want to order us. If you want to design a specific design or logo for your shirts or items, good news for you that we have the best designer available all the time to design a custom design with sublimation printing, screen printing, embroidery options to engraving choice. 

You will get your designed items in your hands that prominently display your true style to ensure the right place at the right time. That will show our sincerity and unmatched presence among others.

Customer Care Services 

Our customer care service team is well experienced and aware enough to guide the choice at being courteous and reliable. You can order directly on the website, live chat, email us or call to talk us any time during business hours.  



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